Call for investment in shipping industry

KARACHI, March 20 (APP): There is a need for investment in the
shipping industry and paying attention towards shipping, fishing and
This was stressed by the Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice-Admiral
Arifullah Husaini while speaking at the introduction of lifeboat
training course at the Maritime Training Institute here on Monday.
He was of the view that the available maritime resources be fully
utilized to ensure the progress and development of the country.
Admiral Hussain said that the country has been blessed with an
excellent coastal belt as well as the best manpower and these should
be utilized especially in the wake of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
The private sector should also play its due role as the
Government of Pakistan has provided tax incentives to the shipping
industry. The business community should also come up with investment
in the shipping industry as this would help create employment
opportunities besides earning foreign exchange.
Admiral Hussaini lauded the role of the Maritime Shipping
Institute and suggested that its campus should also be established in
He also called for preparing seafarers in accordance with the
international standards besides providing training to loaders, crane
operators and drivers as well as port staff.
Admiral Hussaini also appreciated the services of Maritime
Institute’s  Kamal Ahmed Mahmoodi and Mian Ajmal.