Pakistan great asset to Islamic Ummah: Sheikh Sudais


MADINA (KSA), April 29, (APP): Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais Sunday said that Pakistan is a great asset to Islamic Ummah.
He expressed his views while talking to a delegation of Pakistani media, headed by Managing Director Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Masood Malik who called on him at his office in Madina Munawwara.
During the meeting, Sheikh Abdul Rehman who is also General President of Haramain Sharifaain said that Saudi Arabia always plays an important role in keeping the Muslim Ummah united.It is also a moral obligation upon Saudi Arabia to ensure safety and development of Holy places of Makkah and Madina, he added.
Talking to Pakistani delegation he further expressed his sincere and best wishes for people of Pakistan.
“Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are strong allies and maintain close relations in fields of defence, trade and mutual cooperation” he said.
He said the real face of Islam teaches promotion of peace, harmony and brotherhood and shuns extremism and terrorism.
Expressing about Islamic media, he said that the journalist community in Muslim countries has a major responsibility to defend the real Islam.
He said that that kingdom of Saudi Arabia is projecting Islamic moderation and peaceful coexistence and rejects all forms of terrorism. We all have to work hard to defend Islam by all means and do not let those terrorist to hijack Islam “he added.
Managing Director Associated Press of Pakistan Masood Malik on this occasion thanked Imam-e-Kaaba for his cordial welcome and admired his warm hospitality. He also said on this occasion that personality of Imam is a towering personality, a role model for Muslims around the world to be followed.

APP/Barlas/Zub/VNS, Saudi Arabia