Unhygienic conditions in several localities make life miserable at Sukkur


SUKKUR, Dec 7 (APP): Garbage piling up for the past three months remains in the several residential areas of Sukkur including New Pind, Old Sukkur, Shams Abad, Wari tar road, New Goth and other areas of the Sukkur distirct without being cleared away, leading to serious health hazards to the residents of the localities. People of middle and low income groups are living in the areas, eking out a livelihood with much struggle to make both ends meets. Most of them are labourers whose family members depend on their daily wages.

We still send our children to schools near-by and maintain our locality neat and tidy as far as we can, said a resident of New Pind, Abdul Sttar. Residents have taken these issues to the notice of senior officials in the Sukkur municipal authorities on several occasions; he said and added that they promised us to take immediate steps. But the situation remains the same. In a few places, civic workers set the heaps of garbage afire instead of collecting them, he pointed out. The streets are damaged. Many of them sport huge potholes and craters. No official, or for that matter, even the ward councilor, visits us and asks about our grievances, said a Saira Bano, a resident of a workshop road.

Each and every lane in the Shams Abad has heaps of garbage remaining for days and spreading flies and mosquitoes in abundance. The people claim that they often fall ill. Their children are the worst affected. With no basic amenities, they languish not only in poverty but also in the stinking environment.  Talking to APP, District Ameer, Jamat-e- Islami, Molana Hizibullah Jakhro has said that people of the Sukkur are harging that no action has so far been taken to remove the garbage from the several localitities in the district despite their repeated petitions. He stressed that that Mayor Sukkur Arslan Shaikh must visit these areas and may provide them all necessary basic amenities so that they could lead a healthy life in a clean environment.


APP / Jamil Ahmed /Hamid Bilal

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