Efforts paved to eradicate rinderpest from the globe: Sahibzada Sultan


ISLAMABAD, March 14 (APP): Ministry of National Food Security and Research Thursday signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Food and Agricultural Organisation titled ‘Global Rinderpest Post Eradication Security’.

Rinderpest is a highly contagious disease that, throughout the history, has resulted in the mortality of hundreds and millions of livestock causing significant disruption and damage to agricultural supply chains throughout the world.

Efforts of the Global Veterinary Services, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) brought an end to the disease in 2011 through successful implementation of the Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme. There is a need for implementation to coordinate a post-eradication strategy and  to keep the world free of it.

Speaking on the occasion Minister for  National Food Sahibzada Sultan said that efforts have been paved to eradicate rinderpest from the globe. However, its chances of re-emergence are imminent.

The Minister said that there is a dire need to ensure that post eradication

comes with a cogent and coherent contingency plan. This entails proper documentation, reporting and an awareness campaign.

He further stated that “Pakistan, by the grace of Allah Almighty, has a great export potential in livestock and earns substantially from livestock trade”. The veterinary services in Pakistan eradicated Rinderpest in 2007, well before global Rinderpest eradication in 2011 which  shows the  commitment of Government of Pakistan towards global animal health and food security issues , he added.

He said that government of Pakistan does not want to take any chance that will endanger the food security in our beloved country.

He also informed that Government of Pakistan and Ministry of

National Food Security and Research has collaborated with FAO to ensure the post eradication security of Rinderpest.

Source: VNSIslamabad