President urges health experts for awareness of disease prevention


KARACHI, Mar 15 (APP):President Dr. Arif Alvi Friday called upon the health experts to focus on raising awareness among masses about prevention from diseases.

Addressing the 23rd three-day International Rheumatology Conference

at a local hotel, he said not only doctors but the whole society should adopt preventive measures from diseases. “I think prevention is better than cure.”

He said doctors were given tremendous respect in the society as they were considered as sympathizers. “Doctors will have to be compassionate because compassionate doctors make better efforts in treating patients”, said the president.

He said Pakistan was now a mature country as it had faced and overcome many challenges including terrorism.

Speaking regarding Afghan refugees, he said that the country warmly welcomed 3.5 million Afghan refugees in its difficult times.

He on the occasion also distributed shields among rheumatologists including Dr. Ayesha Latif, Dr. Veena, Professor M. Asim Khan, Dr. Sarfraz and others.

The Guest of Honor on the occasion was Dr. Abdul Bari. Pakistan Rheumatology Society (PSR) President Dr. Sumaira Farman, number of rheumatologists from across the country and abroad were also attended the conference.

Source: VNS Karachi