Govt to activate programme to cure fatal diseases


ISLAMABAD, April 19 (APP): National Assembly Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs Friday discussed ways to activate Prime Minister’s Programme to Cure Fatal Diseases to help poor patients suffering from life threatening conditions.

The meeting of the committee was chaired by Member National Assembly Mujahid Ali.

The committee was given briefing by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs on the Prime Minister’s Grievances Cell, providing details of funds utilized with region wise break up.

He informed the committee that in the previous government, the cell dealt with 12,000 cases.

He also apprised the committee that no funds were allocated for the fatal diseases programme since May 31, 2018 due to observations and issues raised by the audit and now the programme is being restructured.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan apprised the committee that the Fatal Diseases Programme was submitted to the cabinet for approval.

The programme would be transferred to Baitul Maal after approval of the cabinet.

He said Baitul Maal had been asked to frame its rules to deal with this programme so that funds should be spent on the patients.

The minister also assured the committee that he would order an audit of the cases of liver transplants of 200 patients and of the amount spent on them.

He also informed the committee members about his visits and open katcheries in various cities of the country to resolve public grievances.

The committee was informed that 91 liver transplants were conducted in Shifa hospital, 26 in Sheikh Zayed Hospital, 11 in Military Hospital Rawalpindi, four in Gumbat Hospital and two in Dow Hospital at a total cost of Rs498 million.

The committee would take a briefing from Baitul Maal managing director in its next meeting.

The committee was also given briefing by the Election Commission of Pakistan additional director with reference to election for the general seats of the provincial assembly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in merged areas of erstwhile FATA.


Source : VNS Islamabad