Speakers of PGMS demands to exploit hidden potential of gems and mineral sector


ISLAMABAD, April 15(APP): The speakers of the 19th Pakistan Gems and Mineral show (PGMS) here on Monday urged government to facilitate export of gems and mineral as this sector has a lot of potential which needs to be explored.

Addressing the ceremony PTI’s Senator Nouman Wazir Khattak called to find out the international as well as local match makings for the introduction of modern machinery for extrication of these precious gems and stones to improve the standard and quality of the products.

He stressed the need of introducing latest technologies in mining, cutting and polishing of gem stones, saying that it can further add the value of the products which would help in attracting the huge foreign exchange reserves for the country.

Terming skill development in gems stones sector important for national economy. He was of the view that skilled and educated youth can play an important role in the development of this sector and promotion of export.

Speaking at the outset the Chairman All Pakistan commercial exporters association (APCEA) Engineer Manzoor Elahi demanded to include PGMS in the event calendar of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to highlight the importance of the event.

He added that the government should extend all the possible facilities to local exports and should organized regular shows and exhibition at local and international level to attract foreign and domestic investment in this sector.

Addressing the ceremony the chairman exhibition Haji Dost Muhammad said that this event will not only provide a platform to showcase the hidden potential existing in the local gems and stones but will also help to highlight the issues and challenges being faced the sector.

He further describes the event as an opportunity for exporters to fully exploit the potential of these precious minerals.

Addressing the event, chief organizer of the event and Pattern in chief APCEA Haji Mansoor Khan said that Pakistan was blessed with natural resources and it requires little attention of the concerned quarters to utilize theses resources.

He added that APCEA had so far organized 18 events before this in order to promote the exports of local gems and stones. He said that such event was also helping to enhance the interaction among all the stakeholders and discussing the issues and challenges.

The events like this are helpful to attract the foreign and domestic investment in this sector and promote trade related activities in the country, he said.

The event showcased number of precious and semi-precious stones by the gems and stones traders haling across different cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Gilgit, Skardu, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Many precious stones including sapphire, tourmaline, rubies, peridot and emerald were displayed, which attracted the visitors particularly women as they shown keen interest in different stones and jewelry.

Besides, semi-precious stones like tourmaline, turquoise, aquamarine and topaz and other stones find locally were also displayed.

However, 49 exhibitors participated in the three days event which was organized by All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association (APCEA) in collaboration with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

The event will remain continue till 17th April in local hotel expecting a large number of gems stone lovers and investors.

Source: VNS Islamabad