Sub-committees of Public Accounts Committee are unprecedented in the world: Rana Tanvir


ISLAMABAD, May 24 (APP):The Government strongly desires to review audit objection raised on the projects of previous government, which is against the parliamentary norms in the world, Rana Tanvir Ahmed said on Friday.

He was chairing a sub-committee of Public Accounts Committee to review audit paras of 1999 to 2000 against ministry of energy.

At the outset of the meeting, addressing the secretary ministry of power, he said he has some reservations on the performance of the ministry.

He asked the secretary whether all the heads of power distribution companies are present in the meeting to which the secretary responded that all heads were not summoned in the meeting.

Their presence in the field is must due to Ramadan and hot weather, secretary replied to the convener when asked to ensure their presence in the next meeting.

Secretary power raised an objection on continues meetings of sub-committee of PAC to review audit paras of ministry of energy.

“Meetings of sub-committee are being conducted on daily basis” secretary said adding “Please review the policy if you are becoming Chairman PAC”.

Responding to his query, Rana Tanvir replied that government was reluctant to give PAC chairmanship to the opposition and wanted to review audit paras of projects of previous government therefore sub-committees were made.

However, this is unprecedented and against the democratic norms in all over the world, the convener said adding there is no precedence of seven sub committees in the past.

The committee also discussed excess payment to the Independent power producers (IPP).

Raja Pervez Ashraf, one of the members of the committee said that IPPs were brought in for emergency situation therefore the contract with them has to be honored at any cost.

The convener of the meeting addressing the audit officials said that they cannot make paras on government policies since the paras are just made on illegal payments.

Another member of the committee Riaz Fatyana asked the secretary ministry of energy that what is the stance of a present government on IPP’s in comparison with the previous governments?

Secretary replied that since the government is the only client of these IPP’s therefore they have to make payment to these IPP’s against their capacity even if they are closed.


VNS Islamabad