17th Pure Mathematics Conference 2016 held



ISLAMABAD, Aug 5 (APP): The 17th Pure Mathematics Conference 2016, was organized here Friday by Pakistan Mathematical Society, Advanced Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Islamia university Bahawalpur and Preston University.
Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the event and speaking at the occasion he informed that Rs. 36 billion has been granted to HEC from PSDP for research purposes in public sector universities.
Mathematics is playing a significant role in the development of science and technology all over the world and people are benefiting from scientific and technical innovations, minister added.
Minister of State emphasized that it is essential for mathematicians to remain in touch with international mathematicians.  Minister of State assured that he would ask for the increase in the fundings of such conference.  Moreover he said that we should be focusing on the research which is the need of the time and one should stay connected with the new global trend in mathematics and science.


VNS, Islamabad