Decline in habit of book reading



ISLAMABAD, Aug 27 (APP): There is an old saying that “book is best friend”. However, in era of technology book has been replaced by computers, laptops, tablets etc. The time which readers would spend on book reading, is now consumed on net surfing.
On this issue elders say that modern technology has increased the literacy rate, but at the same time habit of book reading has also declined. For the improvement in book reading habit, they say that younger generation requires more attention and counselling from the parents.
Parents term book reading habit “a culture” during their times in past, and their parents were regular in book reading and bed time story books was a routine of life.
On the other hand readers, still engaged in habit of book reading ask for change in library timings. “Libraries are open during working hours and weekdays, whereas parents, children and readers have leisure time on holidays and post working hours”, readers express.

Students observe that decline in habit of reading books is a global phenomenon and western countries were also trying to council their youth by placing books in telephone booths etc to draw public attention towards books.

Nonetheless, Government is also keen to promote the book culture in country and plans are being chalked out to extend the library timings.

APP/Sohail/mka/VNS Islamabad