Independence Day makes us proud to have independent state: ED Lok Virsa


ISLAMABAD, Aug 12 (APP): Independence Day is a an occasion to make us proud with the feeling to have an independent state for which many people sacrificed their lives, said Fauzia Saeed, Executive Director Lok Virsa.
In her message on the celebrations of Independence Day, she said, “This day is a blessing as when we are feeling disappointed, it gives a boost to our thoughts about the value of living in an independent state.”
“On this day, we have less complains and more happiness as we feel proud on our heroes,” she said, adding the Lok Virsa is arranging a number of colourful cultural activities by inviting regional dance groups from all regions to present cultural performances for the audience while the other activities will highlight the message of Father of the Nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah and purpose of freedom movement to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub continent.
The activities of Lok Virsa started with a Youth Painting Contest with the theme of Independence Day of Pakistan on Aug 11and 12 while an exhibition of Artisans-at-work will be arranged on August 13 featuring arts and crafts of different parts of the country.
On Aug 13, Jinnah movie will be screened to showcase the memorable moments and history of Pakistan movement at Lok Virsa’s Mandwa Film Club. The day-long events on Aug 14 will start with cake cutting ceremony marking Independence Day celebrations while the other events include live Folk dance performances by newly established Lok Virsa Dance group, screening of national songs throughout the day and display of prize winning paintings for public viewing, she added.
APP/Cdra/mka/ VNS Islamabad