Kashmir Council EU held protest demonstration on “Black Day” in Brussels



BRUSSELS , Aug 15 (APP):

Kashmir Council EU has held a protest demonstration to mark the “Black Day” on Monday, 15th August 2016 in front of Indian Embassy in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.

It is important to mention that Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control and across the world observe the Indian Independence Day as “Black Day’’ on Aug 15 every year.

A large number of EU based Kashmiris and their supporters attended the gathering led by Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed. On the occasion, a memorandum was handed over to the officials of the embassy.

Addressing the Indian authorities, the memorandum called for end of atrocities against the people of Kashmir by the Indain secuurity forces and implimentation of US Secuity council resolutions on Kashmir dispute.

In this memoraundum, the protesters expressed their concrns on continued and unabated use of torture, rape which has been a routine of Indian occupation governance in Kashmir for the last seven decades and most recently killing of civilians in occupied territory and use of pellet guns by the Indian forces on peaceful protesters.

The protesters strongly condemned the atrocities, massacres, extra-judicial murders, custodial deaths, reprisal killings, arbitrary detentions and torture. They particularly condemned direct firing of pellet guns on innocent people which caused blindness of more than four hundred people and damaging their faces.

Speakers at the demonstration said, pellet guns are being used as instruments of suppression by the Indian Government through its security forces.

The demonstrators also expressed  moral support for the Kashmiri people’s legitimate right of self-Determination as recognized by the  United Nations.

A number of Kashmiris and their sympathizers attended the demonstration on Black Day in Brussels. Rrepresentatives of the different human rights organisations in Europe also participated in the protest gathering against human rights violations committed by New Delhi in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK. On the occasion, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Mr. Ali Raza Syed determined that the peaceful struggle for liberation of Kashmir would be continued.

Expressing serious concerns on the current situation in IHK, Chairman Kashmir Council EU said, people in IHK are even deprived of peaceful demonstrations.

He called for immediate international attention on the existing situation in Indian Held Kashmir and specially repeatedly use of pellet guns by Indian forces on innocent people of Kashmir.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU emphasized that the Held Kashmir has been converted into a huge prison by India through depriving the people of their fundamental rights.

He made it clear that today Kashmiris are closer to the logic fruition of their aspirations to determine their fate as assured by the UN Resolutions.