Metro Bus Project — A gift for twin cities’ residents



ISLAMABAD, Aug 22 (APP): Rs41 billion mega Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus is the mass transit project of twin cities. Its track is twenty-four kilometres long and has twenty-four stations. These stations are either underground or at the ramp to avoid rush hours. Escalators and lifts have been made available for the commuters. The project provides facility to 1.5 lakh commuters on daily basis.
Work on Peshawar Morr interchange started at the same time the construction was started on Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus service and funds for this project were paid from the Metro Bus. One can see cars, bikes and trucks plying the many roads and segments of what is touted as the biggest interchange of the country.
Population of twin cities is increasing rapidly and it is estimated that the Metro Bus will facilitate increasing number of population for consecutive fifteen years.

VNS Islamabad