Senate Functional Committee on Devolution meets


ISLAMABAD, August 4(APP): The Senate Functional Committee on Devolution met here Thursday with Senator Taj Haider in the Chair.
The Committee was briefed on the proposed establishment of National Curriculum Council (NCC) in the context of violation of devolution under the Constitution.
Minister of States for Religious Affairs Balighur Rehman told the Committee that the Council is playing its role as a facilitator and advisory body rather than interfering in the provinces. He said the responsibility of the federation is restricted to bring out inter provincial coordination and integration to overcome the existing non-coordination among the provinces.
Senator Tahir Mashhadi raised the issue of federation to encroach upon the rights of province and its policy and said education is a provincial subject.
He was giving clarification to the issue raised by the Chair.
The Committee gave approval of the provision that the provinces are free to formulate educational policy and to revive curriculum.

VNS Islamabad