PNCA hosts theater play ‘Rahu’


ISLAMABAD, Sept 2 (APP): Pakistan National Council of the Arts  (PNCA) here Friday hosted theatre play Rahu that will continue till Sunday to entertain the fun lovers of twin cities.
Directed by Faheem Muzzafar, the Punjabi play is set during the rise of Ranjit Singh in the Mughal period.
It is an adaptation of a story from Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s works who is known for his masterpieces.
The audience termed the play as unique with its unconventional storyline, relevant humour and exceptional performances amalgamated with gripping tale and quality acting from the cast.
Rahu offers a unique experience of theater as its explores the mystery surrounding a murder case.
The play revolves around the relativity of the truth. How in this day and age, truth and false, right and wrong are extremes that are seldom understood and agreed upon by everyone.
DramaED, the makers of Rahu, has produced more than 20 plays in Lahore since 2013. In Islamabad, this play is their third outing, following Akkar Bakkar, Social Pagal and Muzakar Muanas.
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