Pakistan demands independent inquiry into extra-judicial killings in occupied Kashmir


NEW YORK, Sep 21 (APP): Pakistan has demanded of the United Nations to hold an independent inquiry into the extra-judicial killings in Occupied Kashmir.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday night, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the United Nations should send a fact finding mission to Occupied Kashmir to investigate brutalities perpetrated by the Indian occupying forces so that those guilty of these atrocities are punished.

The Prime Minister also demanded immediate release of all Kashmiri political prisoners, an end to the curfew, freedom for the Kashmiris to demonstrate peacefully, urgent medical help for the injured, abrogation of India’s draconian laws, and removal of the foreign travel ban on Kashmiri leaders.

The Prime Minister said the Indian brutalities are well document, and Pakistan will share with the UN Secretary General a dossier containing detailed information and evidence of the gross and systematic violations of human rights committed by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir.

He said the indigenous uprising of the Kashmiris has been met, as usual, with repression by India’s occupation force of over half a million soldiers. Over a hundred Kashmiris have been killed, hundreds, including children and infants, blinded by shotgun pellets and over six thousand unarmed civilians injured over the past two months.

He said these Indian brutalities will not suppress the spirit of the Kashmiris. It will only intensity their angers and fortify their determination to see India end its occupation of Kashmir. He said a new generation of Kashmiris has risen spontaneously again India’s illegal occupation demanding freedom from occupation. Bruhan Wani, who was martyred by the Indian forces, has emerged as the symbol of the latest Kashmiri intifada.

The Prime Minister said the people of Occupied Kashmir have waited seventy years for implementation of the UN Security Counil’s promise of giving right to self-determination to the Kashmiris through a free and fair plebiscite held UN auspices. He said the UN General Assembly must demand that India deliver on the commitments its leaders solemnly made on many occasions.

He urged the United Nations to take measures to de-militarize Jammu and Kashmir and undertake consultations with India, Pakistan and the true representatives of the Kashmiri people to implement the resolutions of the Security Council.