Hurriyat activists condemn Pellet gun attacks on Kashmiris


ISLAMABAD, Feb 5 (APP): The Hurriyat leaders and activists have condemned the use of Pellete guns on innocent people including women, youngsters and elders in occupied Kashmir saying that it is an inhuman act that exposed the brutal face of India.
Talking to APP, Shameema Shawl, Gen Secretrary, Tehreek-e-Khawateen Khasmir, said the women and children of occupied Kashmir have been attacked with pellet gun which is the example of barbarism and brutal violence in the Indian Held Kashmir.
After the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the situation in Kashmir is worst, but we got some support from the international community and the uprising is being discussed due to the reason that women are faced to worst form of violence in Kashmir. One cannot ignore such episodes in any state.
There is a list of women in South Kashmir who lost their one or both eyes even the elderly women are targeted in peaceful protests, she said.

Khadim Hussain, Sernior Hurriyat leader, said the pellet guns which are used on animals, are being used on humans in Kashmir and the voice of Kashmiris is being raised in the world that India who wants peace in the region, how is it possible to get peace by torturing innocent humans.
Since 1947, India was attempting to wash away the connection of Hurriyat from the hearts of Kashmiris but it got failed in this attempt since that time. After the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, India introduced this new weapon in Kashmir and it is used in such a way that whole world is crying on such brutality.
Abdul Hameed Lone, Hurriyat activist said that 1200 persons have become blind with the pellet guns so far while 7000 persons have been affected which is worst form of human rights violation and it is being condemned everywhere.
The Indian forces are still busy in torturing people in Kashmir to stop the freedom movement but the Kashmiris will continue their struggle till they get their fundamental right of self determination.

APP/Cdra/mka/VNS Islamabad