BRICS declaration is not against Pakistan: Mushahid Hussain


ISLAMABAD, Sep 07 (APP): Chairman Parliamentary Committee on
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Senator Mushahid Hussain
on Thursday said Pakistan has rendered tremendous sacrifices in the fight
against terrorism and fully supports any concrete effort in eradicating menace of terrorism from the region. He expressed his views while exclusively talking to Associated Press of Pakistan here in Islamabad.
He further said that recently in the meeting of the leaders of the five emerging market BRICS powers, regional militants groups have been viewed as regional security concern and Pakistan simply does not own such groups.
“These are groups, declared by UNSC as terrorist and Pakistan fully supports this declaration “he further expressed.
He also highlighted that friendship with China is very strong and there is no chance of any Indian influence over this friendship. He also said that Pakistan and China do not believe in double standards in dealing with challenging menace of terrorism.
“The declaration made by BRICS powers is not against Pakistan as Pakistan itself is a clear victim of terrorism” he stated.