NA body on climate change meets




ISLAMABAD, Sep 8 (APP): The National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change met here Friday and discussed the steps taken by the Forest Department, Government of Punjab to stop deforestation and what measures have been taken to address vulnerability of climate change affects in the province.
The committee expressed dissatisfaction with the said briefing and suggested that a detailed briefing along with facts and figures on “Green Pakistan Programme” should be given to the committee.
The committee also showed displeasure and deferred the agenda regarding the report of addition of the poisonous substance to water in the Rawal Dam, Islamabad and recommended that the officials from CDA, CADD, Interior Ministry, Commissioner of MCI and ICT must be called to attend the next meeting. Later on the briefing was also given to the committee on the recent monsoon in the country.
The committee strongly condemned the killings, rape and massacres of Burmee Muslims in the hands of the Myanmar Government and urged the United Nations and international community to condemn the massacre of the Burmee Muslims and play their role in preventing the atrocities of the Muslims of Burma.
The committee also recommended to withdraw the Noble Prize for Peace from the Aung San Suu Kyi who has been keeping quit on the Myanmar Muslims massacres.

VNS Islamabad