US needs to differentiate between International Terrorism” and “Domestic Terrorism’: US Research Scholar


US needs to differentiate between International Terrorism” and “Domestic Terrorism’: US Research Scholar

ISLAMABAD Dec 14 (APP): Harrison Akins, a Research Fellow, University of Tennessee’s Howard H. Baker, Jr., Center for Public Policy, Knoxville, USA on Friday said American counter-terrorism policies increased anti-Americanism in many Muslim countries.  He also suggested that the US needs to distinguish between ‘International Terrorism” and “Domestic Terrorism’.

Harrison said this while delivering a lecture at Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

He said “if you look at the trajectory of two kinds of terrorism, there are very different outcomes”.

“Number of international terrorist attacks each year remains relatively small. However, if we look at domestic terrorism, we see a different story,” he informed saying domestic terrorist attacks have increased substantially after 2001 and especially after 2004. Harrison went on saying that Pakistan, unfortunately is one of those states, where there has seen dramatic increase in domestic terrorist attacks, he added.

Harrison further said that unfortunately, the US too often establishes counterterrorism policy based upon its own interests and tries to find one-size-fits-all approach, which is not sensitive to local, political, social, cultural and historical contexts,” he maintained. He expounded into the recent Pak-US bilateral ties saying the US pursues in Pakistan is the same which it pursues in Algeria, Yemen, Kenya, whereas all these states were so vastly different, that it becomes difficult to imagine a single strategy in all these different societies and contexts.

Giving solutions to prevailing situation, Harrison suggested that  both Pakistan and the US need to focus on what is common and need to identify areas of cooperation, from that we can begin to rebuild trust. Then from that position of trust, both countries can work on serious issues”, he stated. “As long as we continue to pound pressure on security interests, it will not help. US should not work from one-track mind,” he concluded.

Earlier, Acting President, IPRI, Brig (R) Mohammad Mehboob Qadir said, both Pakistan and the US need to work towards repairing the frayed relations, which, in their present form, are neither in the interest of the US , nor in the interest of Pakistan.

It is interesting to note that Harrison is the research fellow who has recently coined a new term ‘Terrorism Trap’ while working on multidimensional research topics.



Source VNS Islamabad