PSX gains 76.24 points, closing at 37243 points


ISLAMABAD, Nov 14(APP): The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Thursday continued with bullish trend as KSE 100 index closed at 37243.2 points with positive change of 76.26 points (0.21%) compared to the closing at 37166. 96 the previous day.

A total of 336,365,942 shares were traded compared to the trade of 275,430,851 shares during the previous day, whereas the value of shares traded during the day stood at Rs 10.158 billion compared to Rs 10. 758 billion during last trading day.

Total 395 companies’ transacted shares in the Stock Market Wednesday, out of which 228 recorded gain and 150 sustained losses whereas the share price of 17 companies remained unchanged.

The three top traded companies were Maple Leaf R with a volume of 38,599,000 shares and price per share of Rs 7.11, Bank of Punjab with a volume of 17, 651,000 and price per share of Rs 10. 37 and Pak Electron with a volume of 16, 328,000 and price per share of Rs 20.74. Bata (Pak) XD recorded the maximum increase of Rs80. 69 per share, closing at Rs1883. 9 while Island Textile XDSD was runner up with the increase of Rs 58.4 per share, closing at Rs 1494. Colgate Palm recorded maximum decrease of Rs 95 per share, closing at Rs 1825.01 whereas Phillip Morris Pak decreases Rs 49.50 per share closing at Rs 2190.6

Source VNS Islamabad