AJK President calls upon society to play active role for Kashmir cause


KARACHI, Mar 1 (APP): President, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Masood Khan on Sunday said that it was not only for the Government but every person in Pakistan and in AJK must play their very active role and contribution for Kashmir cause as people there were struggle for their right of self-determination and for liberty from Indian aggression.

“ We should not be looking to governments only or criticize them on Kashmir cause But, we as a whole society must add to the Kashmiris’ struggle by promoting awareness and by extending maximum moral and political support,” he emphasized while speaking at a seminar titled “State Terrorism, Kashmir and World Peace “ here at Arts Council of Pakistan.

It was organized Human Rights Council of Pakistan, in collaboration with the Nation Building Initiative and Shehri Tanzeem Pakistan.

The civil society, students, teachers, historians, diplomats and retired armed forces officers attended the event.

AJK President said “It is era of social media and through mobile phones, you can contribute to news on Kashmir.”  Maximum awareness on UN conventions on Kashmir be created.

He said when a nation rises, the history changes. Nations become successful if they move in right direction.

He said for the success of Kashmiris’ struggle, Pakistan needs strong defense system being vital for taking firm stand on important national and regional issues; Pakistan government and the nation’s increased moral and political support to Kashmiris; and more efforts diplomatic front to win world support on Kashmir issue.

He urged the regional and international forums including United Nations and the world as a whole to raise their voice loudly and categorically against the atrocities being lashed by Indian government on innocent Kashmiris.

It was not the issue of Kashmir but of the entire humanity. Reaction against Modi government’s hostile policies and actions has now spread all over India, he said.

He said it was very encouraging for the Kashmiris that most of the world including international media and the Parliaments of many countries like Europe and United Kingdom were supporting Kashmir cause and were critical on Indian government.

“We should take benefit of the changed global environment and proceed with Kashmir cause more effectively,” he said adding that we should try to convince more countries in favour of Kashmiris.

AJK President said that since seize of Jammu and Kasmhir by Indian armed forces and large scale protests throughout India against the black citizenship laws introduced by the  government, the economy of India had suffered a lot ; even economic growth was going  downward.

“ Economy never grows where there is terror and genocide,” Masood Khan remarked.

Dr. Khalida Ghous, an expert of international relations, said that through un-bridled brutalities against Kashmiris Muslims and other minorities, Narandra Modi’s government had negated India’s status of diverse and secular nation, and being a big democracy. Sense of threat of different kinds prevailed among the people of India, she said.

She emphasized on making access to UN Working Groups and wins their support on Kashmir issue.

Rear Admiral (Retired) Arifullah Hussaini called for more effective diplomacy on Kashmir issue. Pakistan armed forces were strong enough to thwart any hostile attempt by  the enemy, he said.


VNS Karachi

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