Indian brutality and State of Mental illness in Kashmir


ISLAMABAD, Feb.01 (APP): One in every two adults is mentally ill in Kashmir; People in Kashmir mostly keep their sufferings to themselves and do not seek help as it is terribly stigmatized.

A videography which highlights the increasing mental illness in Kashmir due to brutality by Indian forces one of the main is depression. Depression is the most prevalent with 45% showing its symptoms in Kashmiri people, where as one in five adults is living with significant post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Kashmir is one of the highest militarized zones in the world. So far 100,000 people have been killed, where as 750,000 Indian Security forces have been deployed in Kashmir.

The dispute goes back to Indian partition and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the genesis of the row in Kashmir rests in dubious accession to India in 1947. International body passed around 23 resolution in which it is clearly stated that the future of Jammu and Kashmir will be determined by conduction a fair referendum.

People of Kashmir have been suffering from the past 70 years, teens have been blinded. Burhan Wani was a common Kashmiri who was killed by Indian forces. More than 200,000 people across Kashmir attended Burhan Wani’s funeral procession to express solidarity.

Now India directly claims Kashmir to be its part in complete disregard to United Nations resolution. A simple solution to Kashmir dispute is fair referendum; it will end long festering suffering of people of Kashmir and Bring perpetual Peace to South Asia.


Source: VNS Islamabad