Pakistan can only rise through comprehensive reform programme: PM


DUBAI, Feb 10 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said the only way Pakistan can raise is through a comprehensive reform programme which will be difficult but is the only way to alleviate poverty.

The premier said this while addressing the 7th World Government Summit, being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In his keynote at the summit, the country’s premier invited investment by briefing investors on his vision for a “strong and prosperous Pakistan”.

In order to progress, the government needed to take steps to ease business in Pakistan, said the premier, adding that, “In this regard, we have started a revamp of our economic policies.”

PM Imran said Pakistan had immense tourism opportunities, adding that, “We have some of the most important religious sites, the Makkah and Madina of Sikhism can be found in Pakistan.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan also said his government is striving hard to develop Pakistan on the model of the State of Madinah based on principles of justice, humanity, merit, and accountability.

He further said that no society or country can make progress without improving governance, ensuring accountability, and checking corruption.

The Prime Minister said that Holy Prophet [Peace Be upon Him] had laid the foundations of the first welfare state on earth.




Source: VNS, Islamabad