Eid cards; a bygone trend


ISLAMABAD, MAY 31 (APP):  Development of technologies and latest modes of communication has faded the trend of greeting intimates through the Eid cards.

In this era of mobile and social media connectivity, where hand-written letters have lost their utility, the beautiful tradition of greeting our friends and family through the Eid cards have become outmoded convention and  also have been replaced by alternative means to convey greetings  such as text messages, e-mails, social networking websites and others.

It was once a routine for families to surf time in selecting, purchasing, writing and posting Eid greeting cards to companions and loved ones but now this is rarely seen in practice.

The shopkeepers, who used to display a variety of the Eid cards to attract customers, are now switching their business saying that Eid cards are not in demand these days, since this trend is vanished now, people prefer to use latest technologies to greet their friends and family.

Source: VNS Islamabad