Traditional Pakistani foods of Ramadan


ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): Ramadan is the month of spirituality, blessings and gazillion reasons of joy along with the unique traditional food menu for Sahr and Iftar.

In a blessed month of Ramadan; our kitchens, houses and refrigerators are diffused with the mouth watering aroma of different yummy dishes and healthy food items.

In Pakistan multiple special traditional tasty dishes are made for Sehar and Iftar that carries a great nutritional value required by human body after a daylong fasting.

In the Sehar mainly dahi, paratha, Qorma, Kabab, nihari, lassi, pheeni and khajla are our traditional edibles, even the one who never eats paratha the whole year; he or she desires for the one in Sehar.

Khajla and pheeni are the traditional sweet dishes of Ramadan that are specially served in sehri, dipped in milk is worth tasting.

However, Yogurt to ease stomach from burning and dates as a healthy diet for filling stomach after long time fasting is also consumed.

Moreover, Iftar is usually based on hi-tea snacks like keema or aloo bhari kachori, aloo or keema samosay, chicken or vegetable roll, wonton, bread roll, burgers or sandwiches, channa chaat, fruit salad, aloo, piyaz or palak pakoray alongwith sprinkled chaat masala and ketchup.

VNS Islamabad