PNCA screens French film ‘The Confession’


Islamabad, Jun 19 (APP): Pakistan National Council of Arts in collaboration with the Embassy of France and Alliance Francais screened French classic L’ AVEU (The Confession) from 1970 here late Wednesday.

Directed by Costa-Gavras, the film starred Yves Montand and Simone Signoret. According to director, this film is against totalitarianism and the time in 1951.

Arthur London is arrested, jailed and put in solitary confinement without being told the reason. The worst is that his family is kept in the dark and his wife is downgraded at her job. The film revolves around arrest, imprisonment, mistreatment, trial and finally release.

Interrogation remains major part of the film .Costa-Gavras who later directed State of Siege in 1972, has won distinction as political film maker.

In The Confession, the two superstars Yves Montand and Simone Signoret, who also happen to be exceptionally good actors, were outspoken leftists. The film began and ended in France.

The Confession became a landmark piece of cinema because it is both powerful and effective. According to the director, it was generally believed that system in East was bad and West was good but that was no longer true. There was no difference between the two systems. The film runs for 140 minutes.

VNS Islamabad