Kashmir Women, symbol of courage and determination


ISLAMABAD, Jan 30 (APP):  Women have always been a part of the strong freedom voice in Kashmir and have made themselves known for their courage and sacrifices for the right of self determination.

Since 1947, women participation has been an inalienable element of Kashmir’s resistance movement. The courageous women of Kashmir stood upright with men in every phase of the struggle whether it was political or armed. Breaking rigid socio-cultural constructs, they came out of their houses and, eventually, their number rose to thousands.

 Women in Kashmir have been active participants in political movement, whether against Dogra Regime or against the tribal invasion of late 1947 in form of Women Self Defense Corps (WSDC, women’s wing of National Militia of Sheikh Abdullah).

Begum Sheikh Imam ud Dun was one of the eminent movement workers who raise their voice against Dogra Raaj, Beside her many womens including Sajda Bano, Jaan Begum, Freeji, Fazli, Jann bi, Zoono Bibi, Fatima Raja, Zainab Bibi and Mehmooda Ahmed Ali played an active role for the cause of Kashmir and make a new history of women Bravery and courage.  The women’s of this land has sacrificed their loved ones, honor, lives and properties for independence.

This land has a number of stories of brave women’s.  About 3000 years ago Rani Yashmati was a women ruler of this soil who is remembered for her great vision and bravery.  According to historians and scholars she was the first independent women ruler of the world. Likewise Rani Saaganda and Rani Kalanka were also known as brave Kashmiri women.

Kashmiri women became very much part of the movement. They suffered on almost all fronts and their active participation can never be ignored for the right of self determination.

APP/ Saeeda/Riz

Source: VSN