Riaz Pirzada termed PSL, revival of international sports in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, March 13 (APP): Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada termed Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Davis Cup matches in Pakistan as revival of international sports in Pakistan.
During a panel interview to APP Riaz Hussain Pirzada said that this was the right time to hold such event in the country to shed the light of happiness and pleasure.
Riaz Pirzada said that the Minister for Culture of Zimbabwe was also present during the PSL final at Lahore, where he lauded the security arrangements and hospitality.
“Who said that Pakistan is terrorist country?” those were the words marked by Zimbabwean minister, Riaz Hussain Pirzada quotes.
“Those words send clear and laud message to international community that Pakistan is a safe country for international sports.” said the Minister.
The Minister said that a series of MoUs are to be signed with different countries including Zimbabwe, China, Iran and other countries in all sector of sports, to promote sports activities in the country.
Talking about the on-going establishment work, the Minister said that a Sports University to be established in Islamabad in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC).
The Sports University will help bring quality sports activities in the country, the establishment of the university yet awaits Prime Minister’s node.
Riaz Hussain Pirzada informed the APP that Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar has approved Rs10 million grant to renovate Liauqat Gymnasium, PC-1 for that is under-process.
He said that Prime Minister has keen interest to uplift sports activities. “Astro Truf” for Jinnah Stadium and outer ground are out date and will be replaced soon, he said.
Couching centre in Karachi has been reconstructed which was in worst condition earlier, said the Minister.
Talking about bringing the scientific technologies in sports activities the Minister said that a plan has been devised by PSB and MoU with China, Germany and other countries have been planned to train athletes with modern technology.
He said that the players must participate in sports events in foreign countries, “Playing outside the country boost players confident and polish their skills,” he said.
PSB has sent numerous athletes in China and other countries, who have skill and couldn’t afford the expenditures, said the minister.
To pay tribute to legendary athletes of country the Minister said that a fund has been established to support them and their families.
Talking about Quaid-i-Azam games the Minister said that just like PSL, the Quaid-i-Azam games 1st edition was an experiment and the 2nd edition will bring some extraordinary players in field.
The Minister said the government to help promote traditional sports in rural areas to national level so that skill athletes can bring fame to country.
APP/Ahsan/mka/VNS Islamabad