AIS annual Sports Gala concludes with colorful closing ceremony


ISLAMABAD, Dec 24(APP): AlHuda International School-Deen and Duniya together, Annual Sports 2021 event came to an end with Closing Ceremonies, filled with positive energy. AlHuda International School (F-8 Campus), is being celebrated 21st till 24th December, 2021 as Annual Sports Event at Sports Complex, Islamabad. The objective of the event was to highlight the importance of a healthy and active Muslim as well as providing a chance to students to come back to everyday activities after a long stagnancy during the Covid-19 breakout.

While keeping the tradition alive, it was ensured that every student participates in one or the other game. During the last two weeks, multiple interclass and inter-section games were conducted. Now, the semi-final and final for each contest is being held at the Sports Complex Islamabad.

To ensure maximum participation from both girls and boys, 21st  and 24th December are allocated for girls, while, 22nd and 23rd are for boys, who along with their teachers, are thoroughly enjoying this sporty week.

The chief guest, respected Colonel Retd. Muhammad Asif Zaman, DG Pakistan Sports Board, graced the closing ceremony while taking out time from his busy schedule. Distinguished guests included Director AlHuda International School – Mr. Atif Iqbal. Renowned educationists of Islamabad, Mr. Sajid Chughtai and Mr Khawaja Zahid Hussain were also present which further inspired the students to express their delight and fervor.

The event on 24th started at 9:30 am. The honorable guests witnessed wonderful displays. Students participated in 100m race, Handball Match, Relay Race, Tug-of-War, Tiger jumps and Tile breaking, besides showcasing their excellence in Gymnastics, Taekwondo and self-defense displays.

The chief guest, Colonel Retd. Asif Zaman, addressed the audience, appreciated the students’ efforts, while, stressing upon the dire need to channelize the inner energy of youth in positive activities.

Games not only positively channelize the energies of our youth; they also play a pivotal role in developing their mental and physical faculties, ultimately resulting in making the youngsters into active and productive individuals of the society. He also appreciated the hard work and sincere efforts of teachers and students and wished the institute more prosperity.

In the closing address, director School, Sir Atif Iqbal, stressed upon the fact how AIS is working towards integrating the religion with contemporary teaching to ensure fulfillment of its mission; Qur’an for all: in every hand, in every heart.

He also stated that the institute upholds its priority to develop excellence in both languages, Urdu and English, as well as providing mastery over scientific concepts and skills to ensure that students become beneficial persons to the society while imparting to them authentic religious education related to Qur’an and Sunnah Inshaa Allah, which will in turn help produce the finest individuals in every profession. These competitions will be held till 24th December, 2021.

AlHuda International School is an educational institute, established under Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation that aspires to prepare the coming generation for the glorification of Islam while imparting contemporary education. Then institute facilitates grades from Montessori till Matric/IGCSE and AS, A levels, besides establishing a complete Hifz department, whilst providing separate classes for both genders. To create the balance between the school and home environment, the school has also designed the Tarbiyah program for students, teachers and parents.

It is expected that, such activities are going to be proven as a milestone in developing positive, healthy and constructive thinking in the society. Hats off to the sporty champs of Al-Huda International School.