Imam e Kaaba advises pilgrims to stay away from politics during Hajj


Makkah al Mukarrama (KSA), Aug 07 (APP): President of General Presidency of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais on Tuesday said Saudi Arabia is a prominent symbol of moderation and peaceful coexistence. He stressed the media to create awareness among Islamic countries regarding the prevailing issues to Muslim Ummah.

Sheikh Al Sudais expressed these views while meeting with a media delegation comprising prominent senior journalists from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries who are visiting Saudi Arabia on the invitation of Saudi Media Minister.

He emphasized media for being trustworthy in distributing news to the world, to tell the people truth and to avoid any misinterpretation of Islam.

He underscored that media has major responsibility, saying to write the truth based on direct observation of ground realities about facilities and the services being offered by the Saudi government to the pilgrims ‘The Guest of Allah Almighty’. He said we should utilize the media very honestly which can show the unity of Muslim Ummah and distribute the message of tolerance and peaceful coexistence through understanding culture of each other, combating terrorism and fundamentalism.

Al-Sudais described the Haj as a “message of peace” and asked the guests of God to stay away from behaviors that would politicize the pilgrimage.

“You should perform your Haj rites in peace, ease and comfort away from political slogans and behaviors that are against the noble values of Islam,” he said adding Islam is against all forms of extremism, terrorism and destruction.

He asked the pilgrims to spend their time in getting to know each other and cooperate for the good and welfare of all.

Sheikh Al Sudais informed the delegation that the presidency has completed all the preparations to receive the ‘Guests of Al Rahman’ of current hajj season. He further informed that the presidency has established a comprehensive services plan which the government has provided. “The presidency’s main objective is to improve the services being given to the guest of Allah Almighty in the Harman Sharifain.


He also apprised the visiting media personnel that it was for the second time sermons of Hajj from Masjid Al Namrah and from the Holy Kaaba would be translated into six languages with addition of the sign language for equal facilitate speech and hearing impaired pilgrims as well.

VNS Makkah al Mukarrama